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Amal Sherawat’s Wysh connection

Amal Sherawat, known for playing Jagjeet in TV show “Choti Sarrdaarni”, has teamed up with the Wysh app to connect with his fans and followers.

Wysh is an application where anyone can request a celebrity for a video wish, after paying a particular fee.

Talking about his association with the app, Amal said, “I receive DMs on Instagram and other social media handles where fans request me to wish them or their loved ones on special occasions. But, it was difficult to manage due to my busy schedule. Recently, my manager proposed the idea of associating with the Wysh app to keep my fans happy.”

“Fans and celebrities share a very special bond and it’s nice if they can interact and be part of each other’s celebrations, in whatever way they can. The happiness felt after connecting is mutual,” he added.

When asked to share a memorable experience, Amal said, “A granny once messaged me and requested for video chat as I reminded her of her husband (in his young days). We spoke at length and are friends since then.”

Do you have a Wysh from Amal?

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