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Ayesha Shroff & Krishna Shroff Have Built A Sustainable Future For Professional Fighters In India

Ayesha Shroff and Krishna Shroff have made significant contributions to the development of professional fighters and the overall MMA scene in India through their initiatives, MMA Matrix and Matrix Fight Night (MFN). These endeavors have provided passionate Indian fighters with a sustainable future and a platform to pursue a career in MMA.

MMA Matrix is a state-of-the-art MMA and fitness studio that offers first-class facilities and training for fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike. Founded by Tiger Shroff, Krishna Shroff, and Ayesha Shroff, MMA Matrix has invested in modern equipment and skilled trainers to provide the best-in-class fitness approach. They offer personalized training sessions using both, bodyweight and weight training techniques, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and witness their weekly progress. MMA Matrix also incorporates various martial arts disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Wrestling, and Kickboxing, which not only benefit individuals with their physicality by helping them achieve a leaner and more toned body but also builds their mental strength - instilling a sense of security and confidence as they learn various self-dense techniques. Each of these disciplines are taught and demonstrated by highly trained professional fighters.

Matrix Fight Night (MFN) has single-handedly reignited MMA in the country, quickly establishing itself as India’s leading fight promotion. With its remarkable growth and success, it is on its way to becoming one of the best organisations emerging from our side of the world. MFN serves as a platform for fighters across the country to showcase their talent and skills as professional MMA athletes. Ayesha Shroff and Krishna Shroff have produced 11 successful editions of MFN so far and will continue to do so with MFN 12 on July 1st at Noida Indoor Stadium, Sector 21. These fight nights have become highly anticipated promotional events for the Indian audience. The fight nights have not only entertained fans but also provided fighters with the opportunity to pursue a serious career in MMA. By providing a stage for Indian fighters to compete and gain recognition, MFN has substantially contributed to the growth of MMA in the country.

Ayesha Shroff and Krishna Shroff have also worked to improve the infrastructure and resources available to fighters in India. They have brought some of the best international equipment to the market and established high quality MMA gyms across the country that are all accessible free of cost for MFN’s fighters. Their efforts have helped fighters gain access to quality training facilities and enhance their skills.

Overall, through MMA Matrix and Matrix Fight Night (MFN), Ayesha Shroff and Krishna Shroff have played a pivotal role in building a sustainable future for professional fighters in India. Their initiatives have not only popularized MMA but also provided opportunities and resources for fighters to pursue their passion and make a career out of it.

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