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Bareilly Boy in Barbie Girl

Gaurav Singh’s the lead star in three music videos - Barbie Girl Directed by Nikhil Sharma and co-starring Tanuja Chauhan on Maa Records Music, Behad Directed by Nikhil Sharma and co-starring Anjali Verma on Zee music.

And the recently dropped music video Jo Tera Saath Directed by Nikhil Sharma and co-starring Shalini Rana on Zee Music.

The actor, after completing a short course at New York Film Academy with money borrowed from his father, is currently pursuing films at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

“It has been a tough journey, but when I am at the institute, I use all my struggles to better my performance, but acting, making short films, doing ads for various restaurants and other brands during my stay here in the US. Well, I also need to make money to repay all my loans,“ says Gaurav who turned into an assistant manager for Bollywood star Randeep Hooda.

“Randeep Sir helped me a lot. He asked me what I wanted to be when I was an assistant manager with him. I told him I wanted to be an actor and he told me not to waste my time. He even came over and did a workshop for me and some of my theatre colleagues on his own accord. I could not never met a better person to guide me in pursuing my dream,” says Gaurav.

Army kid Gaurav Singh was in his eleventh grade when he ran away from Bareilly to Mumbai to be an actor. But he was back home in four days when he missed his parents.

But the dream has not faded. After his successful completion of his degree at the NIFT as a fashion designer, he was in Mumbai stitching his dreams together – first by working at Salman Khan’s Being Human and pursuing theatre.

“The journey has been challenging, but you either earn or you learn. Hence the process is always important,” he adds.

Despite coming across many unscrupulous people as well in the film industry Gaurav has already signed a couple of film projects and will be making an announcement soon.

Check Gaurav's interview on Youtube with Digital Don Ujjawal Trivedi

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