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Bhagyashree and Dino Morea Inaugurate Artist Anita Goel’s Show 'Udaan'

After a lull of over a year, as the COVID-19 pandemic finally ebbs and loosens its grip, it is time for all art aficionados to rejoice as art galleries re-open and welcome artists with open arms to showcase their works again. The Nehru Centre Art Gallery looked resplendent as actors Bhagyashree and Dino Morea graced and inaugurated Anita Goel’s solo art show, ‘Udaan’. The trio oozed charm as they looked as vibrant as the paintings themselves. While Bhagyashree looked ever so graceful in a mustard yellow and black outfit, Dino Morea looked dapper as always in a casual tee and jeans. The soiree was also attended by noted art enthusiasts like Brinda Miller, Parvez Damania and Ajaykaant Ruia, to name a few. ‘Udaan,’ as the name implies, captures the spirit of birds in flight, symbolising freedom, aspirations, resolutions and the ambition to reach greater heights. It is also the artistic retelling of Anita Goel’s personal journey towards light. It represents a release from the shackles of solitude – the free spirit or the fly-free ideology in the most ecstatic way possible. Expressed Bhagyashree, “I think har kisiko udaan bharne ki iccha hoti hai, and when we look at birds in flight, we always wonder if we could achieve that kind of freedom for ourselves or choose the skies like they do. Anita’s paintings convey this wonderful idea.” While Dino confessed that he does not have much experience with art and has only painted in his childhood days, he nevertheless loved the tryst, “I love looking at beautiful artworks, and whatever looks most pleasing to the eye, I just go for that one. I’m very happy with this whole collection that Anita has showcased here; the paintings are beautiful!” Anita Goel’s 'Udaan' will be on display at the Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, till 22nd November, 2021.

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