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Bisleri Vedica Champions The Cause Of #AdoptDontShop

Mumbai, April 24, 2023: Bisleri Vedica, Himalayan Spring Water, has launched a new campaign, #AdoptDontShop. Through this campaign, Bisleri Vedica aims to showcase its brand ethos of kindness by championing the narrative of showcasing compassion towards animals, and giving a voice to the voiceless. As part of the campaign, the brand has associated with PETA India to urge animal lovers to adopt pets, especially Indie dogs, as they are as lovable and attractive as other dog breeds.

With the increasing incidence of urban individuals getting home pets, it is only prudent that animal lovers consider adopting Indie breeds, as we have plenty of them. As per studies by experts, Indie dogs are acclimatized to India’s tropical climate, are low in maintenance and are fitter than other breeds of dogs. Further, the campaign urges animal lovers to consider adopting Indie dogs from shelter homes as it will help decrease the use of unethical and cruel pet breeding methods.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Ms. Jayanti Chauhan, Vice Chairperson, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd, said, “Bisleri Vedica stands on the core philosophy of kindness and care. Through #AdoptDontShop, we aim to connect with the audience to expand on the narrative of loving all animals. Adopting a pet comes from a place of pure love and kindness, especially when you pick one from the street or shelter home. This cause is extremely close to me as I have been adopting pets since childhood. Through this campaign, we hope to strike a chord among the discerning audience, motivating them to adopt pets and not purchase them.”

The #AdoptDontShop campaign will be promoted through an integrated marketing campaign, amplifying digital platforms and advocacy to spread the message. The brand ambassador, Dino Morea, has advocated adopting furry friends, especially Indie breeds, by voicing his opinion and giving advice in GQ India’s latest edition.

Brand Ambassador Dino Morea shares his love for Indie dogs and advises on adopting pets, “Adopting pets, especially Indies, is the most heart-warming act. Indie dogs are the heartiest pets. They are low maintenance and more loving. They are many on our Indian streets, and we should take care of them. The idea of adopting a pet is because you want to share the love with that animal. So, why not adopt an Indie dog; they also make you a great human being.”

Commenting on the association, Sachin Bangera, Vice President of Celebrity and Public Relations PETA India, said, People with the time, resources, love and patience can make an enormous difference by making a lifetime commitment to a cat or a dog adopted from an animal shelter or rescued from a perilous life on the streets. When you adopt from an animal shelter, you’ll not only save a life but also make a friend for life! PETA India is joining hands with Bisleri Vedica and Dino Morea urging people to help animals who are waiting in shelters and on streets to give them their loving homes.”

Through its partnership with PETA India, Bisleri Vedica will fund more animal emergency services in New Delhi and Mumbai. It aims to raise awareness of fostering homes for abandoned pets and make a collective consciousness of spreading the message of kindness.

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