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Dangal TV's Shubh Shagun to go on air from April 25, the show explores family ties and relationships

Tv show Shubh Shagun will have actors including Shehzada Dhami, Krishna Mukherjee, Chetan Hansraj, Kajolh Srivastav and others and it is produced by Smita Thackeray, Swati Thanawala and Kundan Singh.

Shubh (Shehzada Dhami) and Shagun (Krishna Mukherjee) introduced all the members of their respective families at the press conference . Everyone told the story of the show, about their character to the media.

Shehzada Dhami, who is playing Shubh, said, "Shubh Shagun is about relationships, its importance. I have raised my sister like a father, I take full care of her. I do anything for my dear sister. I love my sister very much and fulfill her every wish. We are all very excited that our show is going to go on air from 25th April."

At the same time, Krishna Mukherjee said, "Both good and bad times come in a relationship, but in the moments of trouble, one has to be persuaded, one has to be encouraged. You will get to see these things in our show. We are giving our hundred percent to the show and hope that the audience will definitely like this serial. Shagun does not have parents but still she is very positive, helping others."

Mouhit Joshi, who plays Shagun's brother Yug, said, "We all are happy to do this show and now its telecast time is coming soon. My sister is everything to me, she has also done a lot for me. His sister is like his mother."

Kajolh Srivastav, playing the character of Shubh's sister Navya, said, "My brother is everything to me, even my best friend. She has no parents but her brother has given her a lot of love, has kept her on her eyelids, all her wishes are fulfilled before she speaks. The brother-sister relationship has been beautifully presented in the show."

Producer of the show Swati Thanawala said, "This is our first show for Dangal TV, we want this show to be well appreciated by the audience. The story of Shubh Shagun is different, its casting is amazing. My sister Smita Thackeray is also the producer of this show, she has also given her best wishes. We are hopeful that this show of Rahul Productions will run with success for a long time."

Producer Kundan Singh said, "We have had a better start with Dangal TV. We are getting full support from the channel, the entire team is excited, the show will touch the hearts of the audience."

Chetan Hansraj said, "My character is fantastic, which I am enjoying while playing. All the actors are like family. I am playing the character of ghar jamai for the first time."

Papiya Sen Gupta, who plays Chetan Hansraj's wife Kanika, said, " I am doing a positive role, which is challenging for me because often I have played negative and its story is very beautiful. This is my third show with Chetan."

Vivana Singh playing the character of Bindiya said, " I am Shubh's aunt, an actress and I feel that I can re-launch myself in the industry. My character is negative as well as bubbly and funny. I will have a tussle with Krishna, which will bring entertainment to the audience."

Smita Dongre, who is playing Shagun's younger aunt Radha Shinde, shared how on-screen and off-screen bonding with Shagun is very good. Radha is associated with Digital India and is called Internet Rani.

Vandana Vithlani, who is playing the role of Archana, shared how she is the the elder mother of Shagun and Yug. "I don't know anything about the internet and I do a lot of Pooja," says Vandana.

Kajal Chauhan, who is playing the character of Shagun's bubbly sister Anushka, said, " I am Shagun didi's very bubbly sister, I say anything without thinking, I do this in real life too."

Abhitesh Dwivedi, who is playing Shagun's younger brother, shared how he plays a character of a useless boy in the house.

Pawan Mahendru is playing the role of Shagun's grandfather. Shagun's uncle Pitambar Shinde is also excited about his role.

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