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Hair and makeup artist Florian Hurel relies on talent, artistry and futuristic thinking

French hair and make-up artist Florian Hurel has an enviable clientele. He has worked with the likes of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Sara Ali Khan, Janhavi Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Tamannah Bhatia, among others. Even though he is quite popular in the industry, Florian has been keeping a low profile for some time now. He reveals what big he was planning.

“I have been busy building a new project and I am glad to announce that I am opening my chain of salons August 1. It takes time to build a new project,” he shares.

Talking about the current trends dominating the hair and make-up industry, he adds, “We have been going very minimalist in the industry lately. We have seen Alia [Bhatt] attending the Met Gala very elegant and sophisticated with no extra. Hair style that is in this summer is Pony tails/high buns, not sleek but messy the best. Keep your hair moisturised regularly, don’t hesitate to go for hair spa. Make up should be minimalist, just highlight one element on your face, either your lips or the eyes. Lip and face tints are in. Breathable foundations that are water based are the best for summer. Don’t use too much setting powder, else it’s got to crack.”

Florian feels the future for the hair and make-up industry is bright. “This is the reason why I wanted to expand my work. I am now looking forward to opening my salons. We have got a great team working toward it. I am super excited,” he smiles before adding, “Our organisation is based on talent, artistry and futuristic. We are trying to let everyone do what they like the most and express themselves by being themselves. The vision should be communed so that we can all work together beautifully.”

When asked about his opinion about the trend and looks of the Met Gala, he says, “The Met Gala was homage to Karl Lagarfeld, a big name in the fashion industry known as being very chic and sophisticated. He is one of the biggest designers of all time. I really liked the way people were dressed this time. There was so much glamour and beauty.”

It’s important to dress right. “Dressing should be an extension to one’s personality. Feel good and feel fresh, that’s how it should be,” he adds.

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