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Harssh A Singh:I have felt that there is nothing called privacy. We are socially occupied in Mumbai!

Actor Harssh A Singh (Currently seen in a cameo in the hit film Thappad and has done web series like Sense 8, Romil & Juggal, Ragini MMS) says that the lockdown has really helped improve his relationship with his daughter and family. In a candid chat, the actor who has been seen in a cameo role in Thappad and has been part of Ragini MMS, says that he loves spending days with them. “Life is good for people like us. I mean we are privileged, we are at a point that we don’t have to worry about our day to day survival. We have our own house, food to easily survive like this for another six months without any worries. So life is good. It has given us a chance to slow down a bit. But I think every person in lockdown is facing their worst fears. I am living with my family and that great. My wife and my child are with me and my parents, who are senior citizens from Ludhiana, are with my sister in Canada. I love the bond that I share with my daughter. Earlier, life was so busy that I only used to get one or two hours with her and my family in the day. But now, we are forced to spend days together, so we are sharing everything like playing games. We have early morning coffee together in the balcony, we read, we watch movies together, we talk. I think it’s an amazing time to connect with family. Work is not bad I have shot two ads sitting at home, I have also done voice-overs,” he says.

The actor adds that he is making sure to keep himself very busy as well. “This lockdown has been busier for me than any other time earlier. I have honestly very little recollection of how two months have passed by. I have not been bored at all. We all get up early in the morning, do dusting and have morning breakfast. That is my responsibility and I also make tea for all the guards of our building. Then I clean the house and workout. I have lost 8kgs in the last two months during the lockdown. Then I do my favourite activities. I have been I have read like crazy. I always wanted to be a literature student but my parents didn’t allow me,” he says.

In fact, he is not sure how the social distancing will work post lockdown. “I don’t how this is going to happen in Mumbai. If you are from a small city, you are used to a lot more privacy in your houses. But since I have come to Mumbai, I have felt that there is nothing called privacy. We are socially occupied in Mumbai. Right now, people are working from home. There is no need to travel and go to the office,” he says.

Of course, there s a lot of fear in people due to the economy getting affecting during the lockdown. “I think everyone is afraid of in terms of their career and future. That fear is always there because we don’t know when things will get back to normal. I am talking about normal working people, if they lose a job at this time, they can’t even go out and search for a new job. So there is a lot of fear out there and your mental health is definitely affected. Because of the lockdown, you are being forced to think about all this. I know that we are spending quality time with family but yes, there is frustration and the only thing we can do is meditate. Share your problem with your friends and family,” he says.

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