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Kajol remembers Fanaa

It is fourteen years since the cult film Fanaa released starring Kajol and Aamir Khan.

When Aditya Chopra was producing Fanaa with Konal Kohli as the director and asked Aamir Khan for three choices to play the role of Zooni in Fanaa, Aamir replied, “Kajol, Kajol and Kajol.” Kajol actually made a comeback to cinema with the film in which she played a blind girl – it was her return to celluloid five years after she was seen in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Kajol also took to her social media to post a picture from behind the scenes of the film where she is engaged in a conversation with Aamir Khan.

#14YearsOfFanaa. Bts (Behind The Scenes) this was pre-shoot. And as usual the film was quite different from what we read on paper. Still remember Poland and how much fun we had there,” she posted.

Fun Fanaa facts

· The snow sequences were shot in Poland in temperatures ranging from as cold to -27 to the warmest being -10 all this for a month.

· A 30-day Delhi Schedule could be wrapped six days earlier because of the efficiency of the Director of Photography (DOP) Ravi K Chandran.

· The DOP felt so cold during the Poland schedule that he had a special 6 Kilo Watt light that generated a lot of heat near him all times.

· Due to the cold in Poland, Aamir Khan was in so many layers that the makers had had to reshoot the song ‘Mere haath mein’ on a set again in India.

· Aamir Khan who is known to get deep into a film heard only two narrations of Fanaa. The first one was in English and the second one in Hindi/Urdu to agree to do the film.

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