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Parinati could be the first Marathi direct OTT release

Cinegoers have been eagerly waiting to know what's going to be the future of Marathi cinema post Covid-19. Many had discussed about the possibilities of OTT releases and giving theatre a miss.

Paragg Mehta, the film Producer and a known casting director said, “As we all know how Bollywood big films have taken route of OTT platforms. The general pulse in the market is that Regional films may have to depend on OTT platforms for the time being as we have to survive somehow and even have to cater good content to our audience. This was an option before us and as an emergence of digital evolution someone had to take initiative and I have taken it," he says, adding to that we are in talks with few of them and so far have got positive response for the release and announcement will be done soon.”

Parinati, starring Amruta Subhash, Sonalee Kulkarni, and Akshar Kothari is directed by debutant director Akshay Balsaraf and produced by Paragg Mehta & Harsh Narula, Co-Produced by Ameet Dograa and Mona Narula could well be the first Marathi film to directly release on an OTT platform.

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