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Rare Cinematic Heritage: India's only 12-sheeter poster on display in New Delhi

Neville Tuli with the poster of Kranti

The poster of Kranti on display at the IIC Gallery, New Delhi by Tuli Research Centre for India Studies is the only 12 sheet teaser poster made in india.

Commissioned by Manoj Kumar for the special pre release publicity of Kranti.

Designed by the legendary poster and calendar designer Pandit Ram Kumar Sharma with a

Size 60 x 240 inch, the poster is unique for the absence of the film's name and credits, an idea never experimented before or after Kranti by any filmmaker.

The film scripted by Salim Javed with Manoj Kumar was a blockbuster at the boxoffice marking the return of Dilip Kumar on silver screen after a long hiatus.

Neville Tuli procured the poster from an old seller at Grant Road in the 1990s. Manoj Kumar himself expressed surprise that Tuli managed to lay his hands on such s unique and rare piece of India's Cinematic Heritage.

"Kranti's very rare pre-launch twelve-sheeter grand poster was a rare experiment by Manoj Kumar, one of the few film directors who got involved in all facets of the film, including publicity materials creatives, where he commissioned Pandit Ram Sharma, to create a brilliant teaser to his epic film, while Pamart Studio & Diwakar had already been commissioned for the regular publicity outreach. Very few copies survive today. This poster best epitomises the aesthetic delight of the fine-popular arts bridge which the very best of film art once represented," elaborates Neville Tuli, Founder of Tuli Research Centre for India Studies.

Film Historian SMM Ausaja, ..... at Tuli Centre of India Studies' adds, "Scripted by Salim-Javed, Manoj Kumar's Kranti was a top grosser of the year 1981, with an impressive 26 silver jubilees across India... The specially designed teaser poster, an idea of Manoj Kumar, was created to evoke curiosity among film-fans prior to its release. The gamble paid off as the film opened to cent percent collections and established itself as a box office blockbuster in no time!"

Tuli Research Centre for India Studies Self-Discovery via Rediscovering India is on from 15th to 30th March 2024 at the India International Centre Gallery, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi.

Do visit the exhibition and come face to face with such unique cinema and art memorabilia on display. Be there...

By Sanskriti Ramachandran

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