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Sharad Malhotra's recital of poem made people fall in love with him all over again!

After the success of their short film “She’s D One”, filmmaker Aneeta Patel has teamed up with Sharad Malhotra yet again. However, this time they have partnered for a poetry video titled “Chalo”.

The video opens with Sharad pulling the blinds as he recites the poem in the background. Shot in black and white, it will surely give you an old school feel. So, this is how the poem goes, “Chalo shuruaat karte hain, khud se mulakat karte hain,

Apne kal ko maaf karte hain, chalo ek nayi shuruaat karte hain.

Aaj likhte hain kuch naya, jise saaf na karna pade, sunate hue kahaniyan beech mein jhijhakna na pade.

Jakad le jo janzeere humein unse pyaar se vartalap karte hain, chalo shuruaat karte hain...”

Aneeta says the poem is about starting over again. And how apt is it in the current scenario. Looking at the precautionary measures and guidelines we need to follow since the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, we all need to start over again, we all need to adapt to the new way of life. So the timing is just perfect.

The filmmaker said, “It’s about going back to our roots and starting again. This is when we need to restart a new journey towards the future, so what better way than to have the heartthrob of millions give us hope and encouragement to start again. Here is a man who is vulnerable but he is not letting it bog him down, he chooses to express his thoughts and looks towards a brighter future.”

Sharad Malhotra says, " I have always been fond of sonnets & octaves...The pathos, love, happiness, anguish and many more emotions that we deal with in our daily lives are all reflected beautifully in a poem. Aneeta & myself teamed up for this poetry which is very relevant for the current scenario and what is going on in people's minds during this lockdown...Many of us, if holding any kind of grudge or complaint or regret in our minds & hearts, we need to let go and make a fresh start. Be it relationships at work or even personal".

Aneeta calls Sharad a thorough professional and a fabulous actor. Talking about her association with the “Kasam” star, she said, “The only person who came to my mind was Sharad, firstly because I’m aware of the way he thinks and I knew we would be on the same page. Sharad has always been outstanding in terms of performance, here he has beautifully expressed the thought that we wanted to convey. It’s wonderful to work with him. Sharad further adds, " My wife Ripci was of great help behind the camera as it was difficult for me to shoot alone. For two days continuity of the shots, the hairstyle, clothes and the mood had to be maintained". Well Sharad your fans are falling in love with you all over again.

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