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Shaurya Mehta’s indie song Ungin is a fun EDM & Pop vibe with feel combined

Music has a universal appeal, and it can uplift anyone's mood. Drawing inspiration from surreal surroundings around the Hanle Observatory in Ladakh, Shaurya Mehta has come up with his new track ‘Ungin’ which is getting positive responses from everyone. Shaurya is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter and music composer.

‘Ungin’ was released recently by the singer on his official YouTube channel. In the past, Shaurya Mehta has worked with leading music companies and record labels with his songs clocking more than 6-7 million views. Currently, Shaurya is also working on independent music through his private record label ‘Chai Coffee Entertainment’.

As ‘Ungin’ continues to get immense love from the audience, Shaurya is overwhelmed with the response to the song. The lyrics and the composition of the song have been unanimously appreciated by everyone including some international radio channels & music critics. Speaking about it, the singer said, “I always enjoy creating songs which have a deep meaning. ‘Ungin’, which we refer to as countless, is for all those who love new-age music catering to the youth and anyone who enjoys a good vibe. It is about stopping time and just being in the moment.”

Trained by renowned singers Shri Suresh Wadkar and Ravi Tripathi for seven years, Shaurya Mehta has mastered the art of creating enchanting melodies. Sharing his story about the song, he further revealed, “I was in Ladakh for a music video when I got to know about the Hanle Observatory. We could not shoot there, but the place is unreal; you can see stars and galaxies and it has a vibe of its own. I was transcended into a zone of tranquillity, and the place inspired me to write some lines which became the opening lyrics of the song.”

Moreover, the singer completed writing and composing the rest of the part of ‘Ungin’ with the programming by Viplove Rajdeo. As we listen to the song, it beautifully depicts a lover asking for the time to stop and for couples wanting to freeze their special moment. Besides Hanle Observatory, Shaurya took inspiration from the sea in Mumbai. “Everything in Mumbai changes with time. But the sea remains the same with the sound and movement of the waves spilling its magic in nature ”, he added.

On its release day, ‘Ungin’ was loved by people across India. The song has been played on Big FM 92.7 across 58 Indian cities since release. Shaurya was also interviewed by RJ Rani on her show which recently saw singing maestro Shankar Mahadevan. On the work front, Shaurya Mehta has a busy year ahead as his upcoming projects include songs from different genres. His next is an EDM track releasing in May 2023. Shaurya is also keen to take his work to an international level by collaborating with notable artists and music companies in the world.

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