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Shivin Narang on Survival

"Survival is more important," said actor Shivin Narang, who accepted that this lockdown taught him that materialistic things hold no value, but it's the people around that matter the most. "Post lockdown, I think I will see things differently and will appreciate small things more. I have started taking things more seriously. Your focus should be more on yourself and your family," he added. Shivin made his TV debut with Suvreen Guggal – Topper of The Year, however Star Plus' family drama Ek Veer Ki Ardaas... Veera put him in the limelight. He was last seen as Rudra Roy in Jennifer Winget-starrer Beyhadh 2. His schedule has always kept him busy, but with the nationwide lockdown, the actor got some time to spend with his family. He said that he tried to help his mother as much as he can, but since he injured his hand, he has not been able to help that much. "Now that I am at home, I have started helping my mother as I can see she works really hard. We don’t have any help at home, so I try to do whatever I can. I think this phase has made me more responsible. My parents are very loving and caring, so while I was working someone was always there to take care of me. But, now I am taking care of my family. Unfortunately recently I met with an accident so I am not working," he said. Giving his opinion on how the entertainment industry will adapt to the new normal, like maintaining social distance and wearing masks, he said, "We humans adapt to new things easily so I’m sure we will adjust to this new normal too. Social-distancing and wearing adequate precautionary equipment will be a must during that time. But, I feel it is going to be a little difficult for actors to maintain social-distancing while doing some scenes." He also feels the precautionary social-distancing is going to create trust issues and a communication gap between humans. Talking about the same, Shivin said, "We human beings are affectionate, we need warmth, we need to be hugged. I miss that. I hope we get the vaccination soon for Covid-19 and things get normal. And I feel social distancing will also create problems because we will not be able to trust people easily. There will be a gap." India is currently in the fifth phase of lockdown and people are now allowed to move out of their houses but with face masks and mandatory social-distancing. But, in the previous four phases, government had advised not to go out of the house unless it's very necessary. People were out of jobs and many suffered financially too. This led to stress and depression. Shivin feels that at a time like this people should be more vocal about their feelings and should talk it out with their closed ones. He went on to appreciate the efforts of his colleagues who are trying to keep their fans entertained even during this stressful time. A lot of actors are creating shot-at-home videos and posting it on social media platforms, Shivin also wanted to do something similar, but because of his injury he is unable to do so. He also said that actors have an unsaid responsibility towards the society and added, "Even when one is feeling low they actually can’t show it to their fans. They are always active in front of the camera and entertain the audiences. So, I feel all those actors making new videos to keep their fans engaged are doing a great job." Shivin recently grabbed headlines after he injured his left hand at home. He was rushed to a hospital where he underwent a two-hour long surgery. The actor, who returned home with a cast on his hand, is recovering well.

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