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Sonakshi Sinha endorses crueltyfree vegan Plantas cosmetics!

By Anusha Srinivasan Iyer

She believes haldi and chandan, and anything organic from her mother's age-old beauty recipes has lent to her looks. Sonakshi Sinha is one actress whose flawless complexion is the envy of many a Bollywood actress.

Says the Dabangg girl, "I grew up on natural products and I believe in inner beauty. How kind you are, how you treat people and how much you give back to the world makes the difference."

Sonakshi expressed her feelings at the launch of Plantas, a 100 per cent natural, Eco Certified by Cosmo Organic and 95 per cent organic, totally vegan and crueltyfree range of affordable beauty products, taking her environment protection stand one step ahead.

Having recently won the Mother Teresa Award from the global Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation for her environment initiatives, Sonakshi is elated that she is able to do more. "There is always a Plan A and a Plan B but there is no Planet B. I believe we should all be environment conscious," she avers.

Taking of the beauty products she can not do without,Sonakhi is straight. "My eyeliner, lipstick and a bit of foundation. That is all I need.

Let your skin breathe," she avers.

On being quizzed whether international beauty products excite her, she said, "It is a mix of brand and my liking. I have to first like the product, Indian or international. I would definitely use the Plantas moisturiser range personally."

When a journalist quizzed her on how to stay glowing this wedding season, she was quick to retort,"Get married!" Touche!

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