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The International Board Game Phenomenon SHASN FinallyComes To India

In July 2019, the biggest Indian board game since Chess erupted on the scene. Launched on

Kickstarter, SHASN - The Political Strategy Board Game, raised over half a million dollars,

becoming the most successful crowdfunding campaign ever out of India.

Created by Zain Memon, SHASN is a thrilling game of wit and strategy, where 4-5 players take

on the role of politicians competing in a national election. As they build their political personas,

players must answer tough policy questions, manage resources, influence voters, and

outmaneuver each other to secure power.

Reviewers have hailed SHASN as “the best thing to come out of American politics in a very long

time” (Stephen Gulik, Everything Board Games), “A really clever strategy game entrenched in a

surprising political battleground” (Elan Lee, Exploding Kittens) and “irreverent, relevant, and

deeply humorous” (Dan Thurot, Space Biff).

SHASN has won the highly prestigious Social Impact Award at IndieCade Europe 2019, widely

regarded as the Sundance of the gaming industry. It has always received several other

community awards in recognition of its fun, innovative gameplay.

With over 10,000 players across 60 countries, SHASN has quickly become a truly global export.

It has thriving online communities, full of players who are delighted with SHASN’s top-notch

production quality, strongly realised themes, and sheer fun factor.

SHASN is now finally available for purchase in India. Those who have been following this

game’s unique journey, and have been waiting to get their hands on it, can finally do so. Get

your copy at

What Will You Stand For?

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