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Who leaked Sushant Singh Rajput's pictures?

While some news channels and newspapers put out pictures of Sushant Singh’s body after it was taken down from the hanging position, someone inside the room which included cops, a house-help, Sushant’s sister and a friend leaked out three pictures of the late actor’s body.

A picture on the front page of a leading Gujarati paper shook the daylights out of many on Monday when it appeared, despite the fact that many netizens and others in Whatsapp groups urged those posting to remove the offensive post the previous day itself.

When you look at someone like a star, it hurts to watch the person in that manner. History has it that people like Dev Anand and Raaj Kumar who were very conscious not just about their stardom, but also about the fact that an aura about a star and the halo around their head should never be violated had clearly asked their families not to let anyone know about their last rites.

Did someone take the picture just to share with friends? Did a cop take the picture to send to friends in the media? Or was someone in a hurry to tell the world that Sushant had died of hanging, primarily because there was a close-up of his neck also taken showing the mark.

Sorry, we will not be posting such pictures for your voyeuristic pleasure assuming you have not seen it before. But this is not something that you would like to share or be seen sharing. It is also a criminal offence.

The moot question however is, what was the motive of the person who not only took the pictures, but also shared it with a lot of people.

Paparazzi pictures of Bollywood are one. A picture of a star lying dead on his bed, presumably because of hanging (the autopsy and the post-mortem reports also say so) is also not in good taste.

Let me give a clue to the cops, in case they have not seen the picture properly. I am sure they have the pictures with them. It has been shot on an Oppo F11 Pro Camera. It is on the left corner of the picture.

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