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World Kidney Day: Ranbir Kapoor shakes it like Shammi

Not many may be aware that legendary actor Shammi Kapoor who lived life to the fullest was down with a kidney failure and used to go to the Breach Candy Hospital thrice a week for his treatment. As Kapoor himself once admitted that he wanted to “live for the four other days of the week. When my wife would call me to enquire where I was I would be driving off to Lomavla to have a cup of tea. I loved my driving and I wanted to live it up with kidney disease,” Shammi had famously said. Shammi was treated at Breach Candy Hospital by renowned nephrologist Dr Bhupendra Gandhi who started Amar Gandhi Foundation with his better half Shaila Gandhi.

As World Kidney Day approaches on March 11 and a virtual walkathon is currently taking place this week, we learn that Ranbir Kapoor, the grand-nephew of Shammi Kapoor has also pledged to donate not just his kidney but other organs as well. In an event organised by the Amar Gandhi Foundation everyone from producer Karan Johar, director Ayan Mukerji of Brahmastra to Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan pledged to donate their kidneys while Alia Bhatt also supports the cause.

"A real hero is someone who helps everyone else recycle their organs. I have pledged my own organs and you can too and visit www.amargandhifoundation,in to register," Ayan and Karan posted videos also pledged his organs and asked everyone else to do so.

“Pledge & donate my organs, I hope that by me doing this it will make a difference to one person or two person lives, and it keeps going forward and it will make a difference, so please do consider pledging your organs,” Ranbir said.

Interestingly Alia Bhatt also said, “It is important to make people aware of the process behind it. I think it is important to come and talk about the health issues and Amar Gandhi Foundation and Organ donation awareness drive. Make people aware of the prospects of their organ donation, alive or post-death”.

Incidentally Amitabh Bachchan too who is a part of Brahmastra announced recently that wears a green ribbon because he has pledged his organs.

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