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All about Ram Gopal Varma's #Ladki - 50 shades of Pooja Bhalekar

By Pooja Bhalekar

I started my journey of martial arts from school time as I was never particularly interested in studies and always looked only towards sports activities

I started off with Yoga and then my interest shifted on to being an athlete, 100 meters sprint, high jump, 400 meters hurdles being my forte.

One day i saw some guys practicing kicks and punches, wearing white uniforms and i I got to know that it's a form of martial arts called Taekwondo. . I had an instinctive feeling that this is what my true calling was..i told my family about my decision and especially my mother was really supportive and my martial arts journey kick started .

Yoga helped me with my flexibility whereas my atheletic background helped me with my endurance and strength and within a few years i got many recognitions in Taekwondo competitions

Was just focusing on my training day after day and year after year , when one day I got a call from Ram Gopal Varma, who somehow found out about me to ask if i could come to Mumbai to meet him .

That one meeting with him changed my life and made it take a very different turn ..RGV is obsessed with Bruce Lee and his philosophy and through Rgv’s understanding of him , i too got hooked onto BRUCE LEE and started learning the particular fighting style of Bruce Lee called JEET KUNE DO to prepare myself for my role in LADKI

No one in the world, ever can be BRUCE LEE but I am thrilled with the opportunity of getting to do the role of BRUCE LEE’S biggest fan in my debut film LADKI

As Bruce Lee himself said ,we are all here for a short time in life and the best times of our lives are even more shorter ..Being wise is not only for one to live one’s life in the best way possible, but it is also to live it in a way, what you yourself think is best for you

It is impossible that any of us can satisfy everyone else around us and actually in the process of trying to do that is, when you will lose your own individuality and your uniqueness

I consider my body and my fighting skills as my most valued possessions along with my dedication and my perseverance

All these I take them as God or nature given attributes and i worked very hard on making them my strengths

First time ever on screen, I am getting an opportunity to show my body not just as a sensual female body but in a power equation as much as male action stars like Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan etc and here i have an opportunity to make a style statement on behalf of all like minded women

I believe that a woman’s ultimate weapon is being a woman and that includes her sensual quotient and that also is a truest example for the ultimate woman empowerment

Woman empowerment is not about equal opportunities for a woman at work, but it’s also about treating her sensuality with respect and give it it’s due respect

Through my photos, videos , songs and films , I want to push the limits of my capacity to make powerful weapons out of every part of mine whether it’s my body or my spirit or my skills or my sensuality by applying an intense but extremely disciplined determination.

Lastly I quote the legend himself

“No Limit Should Be Your Limit “

Bruce Lee

Any more details about me, you can visit my website

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