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Ekta Jain's New Year Resolution

Film and TV actress Ekta Jain, who has been part of many Bollywood films like Shatranj, Khali Bali, Trahimaam shares how 2020 has been a year of social work for her and giving back to the society. She said, "I got an opportunity to help the less privileged class by supplying them with daily necessities. I felt it was important for people to give back to society during such difficult times."

Ekta who shot for her film Shatranj, enacting the role of a policewoman is very happy about it. She is also playing lawyer in Trahimaam. She has completed the shoot and dubbing of an International film and is hoping that 2021 will bring in work from different platforms whether it is OTT or TV, films or theatre. She said, "I want to learn the new technology in filmmaking and also work with talented actors."

Ask the actress about her New Year resolutions and she said, "It is important to be happy and love yourself. I want to do good work and entertain people with exciting content. I want to increase my fitness levels and motivate people as I go ahead in my journey."

On a parting note, ask her what she considers important to keep getting good work in showbiz and she said, "I think audiences make you what you are. I want to thank them all for giving me so much love."

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