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OTT Platform Net 5 enters theatres, and how!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

On one hand while theatres are cribbing about all things OTT – right from the time gap between the theatrical and the OTT release to OTT premieres, a Hyderabad based film producer, distributor and exhibitor who also runs an OTT platform called Net 5 showing only English language films is now venturing into the heartland theatres of India with dubbed versions of his films in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other languages and that too after the premiere of the film on Net 5.

Balwanth Singh COO, Net 5 is gung-ho about his idea of turning the theatrical business on its head. “How many people in small towns and the B and C centres as we call them in the film trade have people who have access to OTT platforms? Barring Youtube, they do not see anything. Hence we reckon that this is a business that can be exploited. Add to that if a film has a theatrical release, there is a bigger visibility and the promotions of the films though posters and other publicity material which will help a film get only bigger,” he advocates.

Singh will be releasing the Scott Adkins film Legacy of Lies which has been dubbed and will be released as Agent MI 6 on March 19 all over India. This will be followed soon after by the Hindi and south versions of the film Antilife toplining Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis.

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