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The Josh is high, in the name of Khan!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Shah Rukh Khan’s premier fan club @SRKCHENNAIFC which is well respected around the world for its magnanimous efforts in trying to keep up to the expectations of their idol has been at the forefront of the activities involving helping people indirectly affected by Covid-19 around the country through their various branches around the country.

The club also recently made a significant donation towards Meer Foundation, the NGO run by Shah Rukh Khan and got a certificate signed by Khan himself.

Few fan clubs have the honour of being followed by a star himself and the club started by the soft spoken Sudhir Kothari (seen in the picture with Rakshit Shah) in Chennai has been up to the task.

Other fan clubs affiliated to @SRKCHENNAIFC have also being doing work by distributing rations and prepared food to various people unable to find work due to the coronavirus like how the parent club also has been doing.

Not many may be aware but the club also has various branches not just in India but also in many countries of the world. Those clubs too have been doing a lot of work as well. Last seen doing a lot of social activities on his birthday @SRKChennaiFC has also inspired other independent groups to grow and flourish.

Another club @teamsrkfc has also been doing a lot of work in their own capacity with around 7800 followers. They too got a certificate from Meer Foundation for their efforts in also helping during Cyclone Amphan for which Shah Rukh too had made a substantial donation.

One may be aware of the weeping child trying to wake up his dead mother at a railway station that shocked the nation. Shah Rukh Khan and his team had made sure that the child reached his grandparents and is being taken care of.

When they have Khan as a philanthropist himself, it is but obvious that the fan clubs will also follow suit. Paying a tribute to a legend is to make sure that you follow in his footsteps rather than merely indulge in fanfare even as the Mansoor Khan directed film Josh completes 20 years today. Josh also starred, besides Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Chandrachur Singh and Sharad Kapoor in lead roles.

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