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Isolation diaries: Aahana Kumra's audio drama for Spotify India goes viral.

Aahana Kumra made the most out of her isolation days. While the world hit the pause button due to Covid-19, the actress didn't let the virus come in her way of work. Interestingly, the powerhouse performer recorded the first story for Spotify India's audio drama while she was recovering from Corona.

The actress wowed the audience with the story, ‘Sansani,’ on the ‘I Hear You - The Chronicles Of A Clairaudient Detective’ for MnM Talkies. She has already completed the first season of the audio drama series.

Talking about the same, Aahana said, “The chance of recording the first episode of audio drama during my isolation was refreshing. I enjoyed the process, the story, and the power of the audio medium. I am so glad that people are enjoying my work and appreciating it.”

The leading actress has also employed the power of her social media to help the nation in crisis. Aahana is making sure to amplify all Covid related information through her platform to provide people in distress with quick aid

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