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Manasi Scott & Metastar Media Redefine Music in the Virtual Realm

Manasi Scott and Metastar Media are set to premiere their groundbreaking virtual space, MANASIVERSE, a fully immersive Metaverse platform that will allow fans and followers to engage and interact with Manasi’s world like never before. As a multi-faceted artist, her interests and endeavours keep evolving, and this unique virtual world extends beyond her music to every aspect of her career.

With over 3000 live concerts to her credit, Manasi Scott has been called ‘The Ultimate Entertainer’ by Citadel, ‘The Mistress of Music’ by Maxim and is the only Indian artiste to have graced the cover of The Week. She seamlessly traverses different paths in the entertainment industry, from singing playback in Hindi and Tamil, acting in Bollywood films & OTT serials, to being a fashion icon & showstopper for some of the top designers in India. Undoubtedly the number one choice for any live performance, Manasi has several accolades to her name including The Femina Powerlist Award, Numero Uno WOW Award & the INCA – the last to recognise her 179 back-to-back online concerts over 145 days during the Covid lockdown. And she was the only artiste invited to perform at the high-profile Nick Jonas – Priyanka Chopra wedding.

“I love this beautiful, new journey I am on with Metastar and that too in the metaverse!! Web 3 is an extremely exciting space for me to interact more with my fans and in a radical, new way and vice versa” said Manasi Scott.

The vibrant personality, creative adaptability, and distinctive place she has gained in the entertainment world will all be reflected in her virtual world, which will serve as an innovative & interactive space for her millions of followers to digitally connect and delve further into her legacy.

“My followers get an actual peek into not only my space but also new business ventures, access to more products and have my life’s work always a click away, in a single spot. I am also entering the big world of NFTs and so looking forward to creating my own brand while collaborating with other NFT artists as well.” she adds.

"We are incredibly excited to collaborate with Manasi Scott on our Artisteverse project" added Shatadru Sarkar, Co-founder of Metastar Media. “She is one of the most multifaceted artistes I know and the metaverse is the perfect vehicle for her to shine a light on the different aspects of her career & her various accomplishments – from music to martial arts!”

Manasi Scott’s virtual world goes live on Dec 8th @

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