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One for The Family Men

By S Ramachandran

The Family Man 2

Star Rating 4.5/5

I had met Raj and DK long ago when they wanted a Hindi version of their script for 99.

I was working for a music label which was also producing their film.

I left the project at 99 not out, but I loved the way they envisaged their characters. It was what an OTT demanded at that time and typical Bollywood lingo did not suit them.

The project was complete without me, obviously and released in the theatres despite a film distributors’ strike.

But the makers were not stranded on 99.

Their work has of course gone beyond that and with a Season 2 of The Family Man, Raj and RK have scored a double.

I am happy that they didn’t fall into the trappings on Bollywood and came up with films and web series and built their Citadels like A Gentleman would.

The Family Man 2 is one such offering that can make us proud.

With a classy Director of Photography like Cameron Byson, the second season takes Srikant’s (Manoj Bajpayee’s) character ahead. Taking up a mundane job behind an IT desk. Srikant’s return to the TASC force and his wife played by Priyamani’s secrets add a lot of value to a show that is called The Family Man. Samantha Akkineni’s action sequences with her past attached makes for a great viewing and the Tamils who were offended will know it was not an anti-Tamil and anti-Eelam series.

Srikant’s camaraderie with Talpade (Sharib Hashmi) and their bonding is also worth the watch.

I am not divulging too many details, but one needs to watch this for Manoj Bajpayee, Sharib Hashmi and yes, Samantha Akkineni.

Raj and DK, take a bow.

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1 Comment

Jun 05, 2021

"Meta opinion matter nahi karta. I just do my duty." - This kind of dialogue highlights the thorough detailing the makers took care of.

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