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ShortFlix Turned Big by Joining hands with Media Networking Investor

ShortFlix, a tech-start up in media and entertainment industry (OTT Platform) based in Chennai has joined hands with media networking investor to make it as the only platform in South India to set up “A Launch Pad” for regional content short films / Series/ and also to produce Original OTT Movies. Company is currently valued at USD 3 million

Promoted by Mr P.Senthilkumar a tech savvy computer graduate and

Mr SS Bharanidharan, a renowned Musician, Associate cinematographer and running an Independent Orchestra having a Diploma in Film Technology, Shortflix has 1,00,000 subscribers on board and expected to reach a million-customer base in one year time.

Their passion to foresee the entertainment industry in 2017, gave birth to “ShortFlix” in 2019. While people were thinking of Multiplex and Big Screens, this duo with ShortFlix started to produce / distribute Short Format contents to create oppurtunities for budding talented film makers by changing the current dynamics in OTT Industry. Investment raised as series “A” funding is deployed to promote the brand visibility further and production / distribution of short films. Chennai based advisory firm Artha Capital Management has facilitated the Series A round funding.

ShortFlix is the only regional content player to reach rural population with respective regional content and offers economically viable subscription model instead of taxing monthly subscriptions

Having a strong tech enabled platform available in all devices with advanced customised software tools and studio, Shortflix has successfully produced / launched many short format Contents. Company has plan to raise further funds once it achieves a million subscribers.

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