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SRKChennaiFC to the fore with King Khan

Shah Rukh Khan had made contributions to the PM’s fund and the funds of the CMs apart from doing his bit in kind by providing PPEs and food material apart from cooked food for the economically weaker sections. He also opened the doors of four floors of his office for patients of Covid-19.

And his numero-uno fan club is also doing so.

The SRKChennaiFC now called SRKCFC on Twitter has over 75 clubs in India and other countries and they have not just contributed to the relief funds but are also doing a lot of charity – all in the name of Khan!

Sudhir Kothari who heads the parent fan club from Chennai confirms that they are indeed doing their bit. “After Sir did what he could, we are also doing whatever we can. We raised money from our 40 clubs across India and then contributed to the PM’s fund and then started work in the four major states affected by Covid 19 – Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and New Delhi. We are also carrying on providing food packets now on a daily basis apart from what we have done,” says Kothari.

The fan club head also says that work in going on in 25 more countries. “The fan clubs in those countries are also doing work there in hose nations in the name of Shah Rukh sir because they are also affected,” he adds.

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