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Wanted to hug Balki sir!

By Siddhant Gill

A small device in your hand that monitors overall health and body temperature could save the lives of police officers on the line of duty. Akshay Kumar, after giving 1000 GOQii bands to Mumbai cops, again gave bands to Nasik cops, alongside Vishwas Nangare Patil, Commissioner of Police, Nasik city.

Said Akshay Kumar, "our police force is at the forefront of our battle with COVID19. Their selfless commitment and bravery knows no bounds. Their health is our responsibility and needs to be safeguarded." As a brand ambassador of GOQii, Akshay Kumar added, "if you wear this like a watch on your wrist, it can monitor your health, BP, temperature among others. If this device is given to Nasik city police officers and its main control is with the Nasik city’s commissioner of police Vishwas Nangare Patil, then he can monitor the health of whole of the Nasik city police force and can take the appropriate action when needed and stop the virus from spreading to others," he averred.

Today, all of the Nasik city police’s 3500 officers are wearing this band.

Added Vishwas Nagare Patil, "Akshay Kumar has always been a support to the entire Maharashtra police. Whether it was Bharat ke Veer, where I witnessed as Marathwada’s IG how he helped the draught affected farmers, or as IG at Western Maharashtra, where I have seen how helped the families of martyrs, Akshay Kumar has always been there for us. A month back, and now here at Nasik," adding that Akshay , with his fitness, is the role model for every cop. "Innovation in the head, compassion in the heart, passion in the belly and vision in the eyes this is what I can say about you," enthused Patil.

Akshay who in Sooryavanshi is the cop-fighting terrorists, said that the police force has always been an inspiration. "There are no two ways that Vishwas Sir is a real hero and what I am is a reel life hero. I am proud I have a real hero like Vishwas Sir for a friend”.

Akshay Kumar spoke of the doctors, nurses, municipal corporation employees, frontline workers in addition to the police, adding that they are nothing short of heroes. "Salutations to these saviours," he stated. When asked about how it felt to shoot for a day amidst the pandemic, Akshay shared, “It was exciting to face the camera after so many days, but along with that it was a different feeling. There was less crew, everyone wore masks and maintained social distance. I couldn’t hug Balki sir. Everything was so new but looks like this new is the normal now.”

Akshay has earlier launched the Jaan Bachao Health Campaign for MCGM, donated 25 crore to Prime Minister’s fund, 3 crore to MCGM for PPE kits and 1000 wrist bands to Mumbai police to detect COVID symptoms.

Equating the current situation to an airplane travel, Akshay felt that the most important thing is to keep yourself in check and follow the guidelines, stay at two arms’ length from others, wearing a mask, washing your hands etc. "By following these guidelines, we reduce the load in the frontline workers, doctors, nurses et al. If we as common people, follow rules, helps those in need and make Corona lose this battle, we emerge as true warriors," he concluded.

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