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When helping the poor, leave your camera at home, posts Vivian Dsena

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the country hard, businesses are getting impacted and it has definitely affected the economy. It’s no more about struggling to live a life with new rules and regulations, it’s more about a race to survival, especially for the people on the roads. A huge population of India is struggling to get even basic amenities like food and water and then there are those, walking their way back home, without any transportation.

A lot of people, including celebrities, have been trying to reach out to those in need. Be it by providing food packages or arranging transportation, they are doing their bit. And while some are doing this genuinely, there are some who are using social media to share every detail of the assistance they have provided.

This publicity gimmick has not gone down well with a lot of celebrities in the past and they have expressed their views on the same. And now actor Vivian Dsena, who has been keeping a low profile throughout the lockdown, has come forward and voiced his opinion too through a photo on his Instagram page.

In the pic, you can see a small kid wearing an oversized shirt standing with folded hands, with “When helping the poor, leave your camera at home”, written on it”.

Did you just get a sinking feeling in your heart?

The “Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon” star’s post speaks a thousand words and reflects his feelings too. And we all feel the same as Vivian. It won’t be wrong to say that we all agree that people should forget about the clicks when they are trying to help someone genuinely.

What are your thoughts on Vivian’s post? Do share your views.

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